This potrait of a little girl, hugging a wooden doll was recorded 50 years ago by Alberto Korda, the famous photographer who was also known for his greatest masterpiece; the classical potrait of Che Guevara.

The potrait of this little girl later transformed Korda’s view on life. Initially, he was an easy going, carefree guy who had no obejctive in life. Soon after that, while witnessing inequalities, poverty and oppression around him, Korda has decided to dedicate his life and work to struggle in the Cuban Revolution.

I am personally touched when I first time saw this potrait. Imagine, because of poverty, it was just good enough for her to have a piece of wood, carved into a shape of a doll for her toys. I wonder whether the condition in Cuba fifty years ago still exists in a country like Malaysia, a country that celebrates it’s fiftieth anniversary of independent last year.