There is one similarity between the Malays and the Jews, id est both races were nostalgic. Glories of the Malacca’s Malay sultanate and the history of ancient Malay empire were taught as a compulsory subject to teenagers who studied the historical text as early as thirteen. The phrase “Takkan Melayu Hilang Di Dunia” (Never Shall the Malays Vanish from the Face of Earth) was chewed enthusiastically by Malay kids since the moment they were exposed on races, supremacy and honor.

The Jews, in the same context until today nostalgically honored their ancestral glory that is the Kingdom of David. Liberation from the dictatorial rule of Egypt’s mighty Pharaoh was a historical event that marks the beginning of Jewish evacuation on the Land of Kanaan (now known as Palestine/Israel) which sparks supremacy conflict with the Arabs until today. I’m not so sure if there is any, throughout Jewish civilization exist a ‘Hang Tuah’ who agitate his people by saying “Takkan Yahudi Hilang Di Dunia” (Never Shall the Jews Vanish from the Face of Earth) as a motivation for them to defend the so-called ‘Jewish Supremacy’ in dealing with their crisis with Palestine.

After the falls of Israel, during the Roman acquisition, the Jews lived hopelessly. Political power, supremacy and their special rights seems to be vanished and forgotten. For almost 2,000 years, this so-called chosen race was suppressed and marginalized. Nowadays, the Malays, a race that establish its civilization not more than 700 years ago have becoming to worry on their unpredictable future.  If the Jews uphold Zionism as an ideology to defend their supremacy, the Malays seems to be fanatic with Umno, the ‘spirit of the Malay’ that will turn 62 in May this year.

If I am a Jew, Hatikvah might be the best cure for my worries on my race supremacy. Hatikvah was the melody of ‘hope’ which was inspired by Samuel Cohen in 1888 and was combined with a poem written by Naftali Herz Imber in 1878. Maybe the Malays need a new hatikvah. Not in the form of poetry or the form of melody or by Umno’s rehabilitation.

This new hatikvah should appear in the form of a leader who will not only unite the Malays but also will form unity and develop understanding amongst all citizens of this country. Who is this future messiah? Will he be an outspoken pensioner? Or a once failed figure? Or maybe a former convict who was being treated with cruelty?